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"from quote to delivery: we guarantee the required service"
Starting from your design and requirements, our engineers analyse the most suiting process to fulfill
your quality requirements. This results in competitive prices, terms and conditions.
Upon the customer's request we produce prototypes to be inspected and approved by the customer.
Pre-serial and serial production happens in a strictly defined quality control system, that also involves
our audited suppliers. This way we maintain the required quality, conformingly to the ISO 9001:2008
Our engineering team, also ISO 9001:2008 certified, is involved in developping in close collaboration
with your R&D department alternative solutions that may offer a better answer to your needs.
Surface treatment, prime and finishpainting, subassembly, assembly and packaging also belong
to our standard processes aimed to deliver according to the customer's requirements: JIT, daily deliveries,
kanban, ...